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***We are back in action for 2023 bringing you another amazing year of dance and community at Sea to Sky Seattle!  Looking forward to seeing you there!***

Thank you for all of your amazing support over the years and we are excited to bring another opportunity to share in the love of dancing West Coast Swing!

  • Competitions WSDC JnJ’s, Strictly Swing, Rising Star

  • Specialty classes and seminars

  • Saturday night Show

  • Judges Training

  • Free Saturday afternoon introduction to WCS Classes

  • Facebook - White Circle

Sea to Sky Staff:

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin

Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Jake Hanning & Mackenzie Goodmanson

Chantelle Pianetta & Joel Torgeson
Christopher Dum
ond & Larisa Tingle

Nick King & Tashina Beckmann King

Stephen White & Lia Brown 

Za Thomaier and Anna Wallace

David Hemmerich & Joy Davina

Katie Schneider

Leilani Nakagawa

Joe Broderick

Rebecca Savoca

John Kirkconnell


Head DJ

Koichi Tsunoda

Rebecca Savoca

DJ Staff
James Atwill

Joe Broderick

Liz Ravdin

Lia Brown
Sam Lingane

Za Thomier

James Kleinman



Nick King

 John Kirkconnell

Chief Judge

Jim Minty

Asst. Chief Judge

Wren Newman


Mark Slater

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